sexual-staminaSexual urge and duration is always remaining point of interest since inception. Mostly people want to stretch their duration to hours and create myth regarding its timing and postures. When they come to bed and start foreplay they became over. Basically the situation getting worse with passage of time and it will not only irritate your partner but also you may lose confidence entirely. This vicious circle even drill down to more fatal and horrible consequences.

Why Sex duration is too short?

Mostly teenagers and newly married couples have serious complaints and reservations about their sex duration. They are not satisfied with their performance and hence use different medicines to make duration more long and pleasurable. Sexual timing medicines like Viagra is known as “father of heart attack” as it is quite unnatural and produced side effects. The main reason of short timing is your overexcited behavior and resulting high blood pressure so you have to control it systematically. 

How to increase sex duration without medicine?

As discussed above that sex duration proposed medicines are causing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. So we have to adopt more natural and zero-side effect way to increase duration. 1363188785_Low_Pressure_Sex

  1. Controlling blood pressure: Best and most effective method is to control your excitement and blood pressure in a way that it will sustain your erectile power and urge. 
  2. Avoid Viagra and medicine: These medicines will makes you habitual and used to. Abstain from such drugs and so called medicines from start of your marital life and act upon natural ways to enhance sex duration.
  3. Health and fitness: There is perfect correlation exists between Sexual performance physical fitness and strength of both genders. So proper dieting, nutritious food intake, exercise and stress free life will produce better results.
  4. Foreplay and harmony in positions: Every posture and activity should be performing with mutual consent and never underestimate the power of foreplay and harmony in position. Only penetration and ejaculation is not pleasurable rather every move and gesticulation is memorable in this process.
  5. Psychological effects: Physiologists suggests that for better timing you should think about something else and control your emotions and feelings. Don’t extremely focus on foreplay and avoid myth building during foreplay and remain calm and mentally peaceful. They suggest yoga and other techniques to achieve this purpose.
  6. Practice makes man perfect:  It is commonly observed phenomena that sex duration increase with passage of time if both partners have emotional attachment and harmony. Although there are less empirical evidence and statistical proof to validate this theory yet people believe it. 



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